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Presentation Guidelines 🎯 🏹

Duration: Tentative till further notice. Midterm will be a bit shorter, final a bit longer, neither longer than 20m


What have you learned so far by doing the assignments?

What challenges have you faced and overcome working on these tasks?

Assignments you think you did an exceptional job on

What assignments did you enjoy or not enjoy and any feedback

Suggestions on what to prepare:

Live example of how your project functions

Maybe show your program’s inner workings

The presentation should demonstrate that you understand your work, you are able to explain what you did and why it matters to others, and you are able to show your thought process when you are faced with a problem.

An example of a previous presentation can be found here.

These are general guidelines for what we are looking for in a presentation. You do not need to follow it strictly but you should try to cover all of the areas at least somewhat.