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Spring 2023 Course

Course Summary and Purpose

We aim to introduce students to the concepts, tools, and framework necessary for independent work on the Linux kernel.

Course description

Linux is the most widely used operating system in the world. The core software component of the Linux operating system is the kernel. A couple of its roles include managing hardware interactions, virtualizing system resources, and enforcing security constraints. In effect, Linux kernel powers almost all of the world’s top supercomputers, android phones, and an innumerable variety of other computers. This course will introduce students to Linux kernel development by focusing on device driver development. This will give students hands-on experience working with internal Linux kernel APIs and provide an overview of some of the core features and components of the kernel. Gaining an understanding of the inner workings of the operating system and how to make changes to it will give students an invaluable perspective on how their computers work behind the scenes that will reveal a new layer of understanding to apply to any future software engineering practice.

Course objectives

Students will:

Required Materials

  1. A Linux environment to which you have root access and ideally physical access.

  2. Patience, determination, and an ability to focus on a frustrating task for sustained periods of time.

Course Schedule

All assignment due dates are in EST(UTC-5)

# week starting S M T W R F S Initial Submissions due @ 23:59 (Mondays unless stated otherwise) Reviews due @ 23:59 (Tuesdays unless stated otherwise) Final Submissions due @ 23:59 (Wednesdays unless stated otherwise)
0 15 Jan L0 A0 due Thursday A0 due Friday A0 due Saturday
1 22 Jan L1 L2
2 29 Jan L3 L4 A1, A2 A1, A2 A1, A2
3 5 Feb L5 L6
4 12 Feb L7 L8 A3 A3 A3
5 19 Feb L9 L10 A4 due Tuesday A4 due Wednesday A4 due Thursday
6 26 Feb L11 L12 Choose Mid Pres Topic
8 12 Mar L13 L14 Mid Pres Recording
9 19 Mar L15 L16 A5 A5 A5
10 26 Mar L17 L18
11 2 Apr L19 L20 A6 A6 A6
12 9 Apr L21 L22
13 16 Apr L23 L24 Fin1 Fin1 Fin1
14 23 Apr L25 L26
15 30 Apr Fin2 Fin2 Fin2

Course Policies | Submission Guidelines | Peer Review Process

Course policies

Available here.

Course application

Available here.