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Course Application


Please thoroughly read and then complete the following instructions:

Send an email to kdlp-application@googlegroups.com satisfying the following conditions:

a) The subject of the email contains your full legal name followed by the text “– [SESSION] Application for Introduction to Linux Kernel Development”, where [SESSION] is replaced by the appropriate string, i.e. “Fall” or “Spring” followed by the current year.

b) If you are enrolled at UMass Lowell, then send this email must be sent from your @student.uml.edu address.

c) The email should state your current student and/or occupational status, i.e. if you are enrolled in a school, name the school, your course of study, your level of progress through this course of study, and if you are employed, name your employer (or business, if you own one), and your job title.

d) The email should contain your response to the following question:

What does the following C language expression evaluate to?


Explain your answer in fewer than 5 complete English sentences.

e) If you have a resume, KDLP allows that it be attached to this email as a PDF file or text file. No other document in any other format may be attached to this email.

f) The email must contain your discord username that you will use to complete step 2

g) If you prefer to use a different email to send and recieve email patches on our mailing list than the one you are using to send this message, you should specify this address. KDLP will provide instructions on the usage of gmail with our systems, but it is not required that all students use gmail.

h) Include your time zone.

i) Include a line certifying the Developer Certificate of Origin

By submitting this email, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the course policies listed here