Spring 2022 Course

This page provides an overview of our course delivered in Spring 2022. All resources are public or will be published by the end of Summer 2022. Anything not linked on this page is available on request

Raspberry Pi 4B

Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition (a.k.a. LDD3) Linux Driver Development with Raspberry Pi - Practical Labs (a.k.a LDDR)

Week Main Topic Additional Content
0 Linux Crash Course Kernel patch review livestream
1 Drivers and Modules TODO
2 Character Drivers TODO
3 Concurrency and Race Conditions TODO
4 Working with Hardware TODO
5 Interrupt Handling TODO
6 Memory Mapping, DMA, and Data Types TODO
7 Spring Break TODO
8 SenseHAT deep dive TODO
9 Platform devices and devres TODO
10 Live debugging a broken driver TODO
11 Color Click lab discussion TODO
12 Posting patches + oom killer TODO
13 Intro to GDB TODO
15 Final presentations Final Presentations