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Table of courses

Semester Notes
Fall 2023 TBA
Spring 2023 UMass Lowell and LFX
Fall 2022 Recordings available soon
Spring 2022 Second iteration
Fall 2021 First iteration
Spring 2021 Initial attempt

The latest course slides

Git | Linux Crash Course | Linux Tips of Great Power | Kernel Compilation

Debugging Techniques | Modules and Drivers | Writing Modules | Writing Character Drivers

Advanced Character Driver Operations | Kernel Data Types | Memory Allocation | Concurrency

Interrupts | Timing and Scheduling | Memory Mapping and DMA | Hardware I/O | Block Drivers

The latest course assignments and guidelines

The first half of the semester has weekly assignments for six weeks, followed by a midpoint presentation from each student.

The second half of the semester consists of two final assignments and a final presentation.

Course Policies | Submission Guidelines | Peer Review Process

A(-1) | A0 | A1 | A2 | A3 | A4 | Midpoint Presentation | A5 | A6

Fin1 | Fin2 | Final Presentation