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Kernel Development Learning Pipeline


The Kernel Development Learning Pipeline (KDLP) program aims to create a comprehensive Linux kernel talent pipeline to address the current shortage of qualified entry level kernel candidates.

More detail

KDLP is a novel program run by Red Hat engineers to address the industry-wide shortage of qualified entry-level candidates for low-level software engineering jobs in general, and the Linux kernel in particular.

We created, developed, and teach an "Introduction to Linux Kernel" development course to University of Massachusetts Lowell students and anyone who is interested.

We recruit qualified students from our class to internship programs within Red Hat, and we promote the best interns to hiring managers with the aim of bringing them into the industry as full time software engineers.

We have pulled together this program from scratch over the past few years, iterating our program and curriculum design in order to stand the program on its feet.

As an established program, we plan to continue to scale our program and strengthen our partnerships, including a recent one with the Linux Foundation, in order to bring Linux kernel and low-level software engineering education to a larger audience and global talent pool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How do I apply for the program?

A: Unless this program is offered at your university, apply for Introduction to Linux Kernel Development via LFX.

Q: How can I stay informed about this program?

A: Join our mailing list to recieve our quarterly newsletter.

Q: Who is behind this program?

A: These people

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